Steampunk resides in a developing subculture of Science Fiction fandom. Jules Verne and H.G. Wells contributed greatly to the ideas and iconography adopted by the Steampunk community. The Steampunk category contains many different factions and ideologies but is broadly defined as a mix of the Victorian, Western, and European eras, however, is only limited by one's imagination. As the name implies the universe runs on steam; from power armor, flying vehicles, and space machines are derivatives of modern and Science Fiction devices.

Our goal is to create superior wearable leather artwork for the Science Fiction and Steampunk communities in the form of bracer’s, mask’s, and goggles. We take our inspiration form many sources including Anime, Comics, Science Fiction Television, Movies, and the community. Our artwork is crafted, stitched, and finished by hand.

Who Is...

Michael Trent Martin?

Michael Trent Martin is the owner of 221B Studio LLC. Michael has spent most of his life pursuing artistic endeavors encompassing newspaper style web comics, web design, video editing, abstract artwork,three - dimensional sculpting, and wearable artwork. Michael’s passion lies in creating quality artwork that will last for generations.

All images and 221B Studio LLC are Copyright © Michael Trent Martin 2017. for use. Only use images with permission.

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